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Publications - reports
Reports (not including progress or interim reports)

Richardson, J.S. 1998. Are streamside buffers sufficient or unnecessary? Experimental studies of streamside protection of hydroriparian ecosystems. Pp. 115-119 In: Morgan, K. and P. Lewis (Eds.) Proceedings of the 3rd National Habitat Workshop, Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service.

Reece, P.F. and J.S. Richardson. 1998. Seasonal changes of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in southwestern British Columbia. Environment Canada DOE-FRAP1998-33, 87pp.

Richardson, J.S. 1997. Riparian Ecosystems Research Program: Progress Report. Submitted to Forest Renewal British Columbia Research Program. 8p.

Richardson, J.S. 1996. The effects of contaminants and riparian zone integrity on small stream ecosystems in the lower Fraser basin, pp. 121-124 In: Landucci, J.M. and M. Hanawa (Eds.) Proceedings 3rd Research Workshop, Environment Canada, Environmental Conservation Branch, Vancouver, BC.

Perrin, C.J. and J.S. Richardson. 1995. Mesocosms to assess mitigation strategies in the Kemano Completion Project: preliminary results from an initial study and recommendations for temperature control in future experiments. Prepared for Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Richardson, J.S. and W.E. Neill. 1995. Distribution patterns of two montane stream amphibians and the effects of forest harvest: the Pacific Giant Salamander and Tailed Frog in southwestern British Columbia. Report for the Habitat Conservation Fund, Resource Inventory Committee, and the Skagit Valley Authority, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Victoria, BC.

Bernard, D.P., D.R. Marmorek, T.M. Berry, M. Paine, C.J. Perrin, and J.S. Richardson. 1993. Fraser River Basin Assessment Program: Conceptual Monitoring Design. Prepared for Conservation and Protection Service, Environment Canada, North Vancouver, BC, DOE FRAP 1993-15. 162 pp.

Perrin, C.J. and J.S. Richardson. 1993. Effects of the bacterial insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki (Btk) on an aquatic insect community. Contract Report to B.C. Ministry of Forests, Silviculture Branch.

Bernard, D.P., C. Perrin, J.S. Richardson, M. Paine, T. Berry, and D.R. Marmorek. 1992. Fraser River Basin Assessment Program: discussion paper. Prepared by ESSA Ltd., Vancouver, BC, for Environment Canada, Environmental Surveys Branch, North Vancouver, BC.

Richardson, J.S., W.E. Neill, and L.U. Young. 1992. Community structure of woodland streams, with special reference to forest age and logging history: 1992 field season. Report submitted to Habitat Conservation Fund, BC Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks.

Richardson, J.S. and C.J. Perrin. 1990. The effect of additions of treated acid mine drainage on the abundance and composition of stream macroinvertebrates and periphytic algae: an in situ mesocosm experiment. British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources Contract Report.

Popular Press
Richardson, J.S. 1997. More life on the edge: amphibians of headwater streams. Cordillera 4(1): 13-15.