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People - John S. Richardson

Dr. John S. Richardson
Professor and Head of Department
Aquatic and Riparian Area Ecology
Phone: (604)822-6586
Laboratory: (604)822-8927
Fax: (604)822-9102

John's CV

  B.Sc. (1979) University of Toronto (Zoology)
  M.Sc. (1983) University of Alberta (Zoology)
  Ph.D. (1989) University of British Columbia (Zoology)

   Professor, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences
   Associate of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
   Associate member of the Department of Zoology

Research Interests
  • Stream and riparian area ecology
  • Community and population ecology
  • Benthic invertebrates, amphibians, fish
  • Detrital-based food webs and donor-controlled systems
  • Conservation Biology

    Current Research Projects
  • Ecology of headwater streams
  • Demography of Tailed Frogs and Pacific Giant Salamanders under different forest harvest histories
  • Biomonitoring of watersheds using stream benthos
  • Biodiversity of headwater channels under different forest harvest practices
  • Efficacy of riparian management guidelines in coastal and interior (Cariboo) forests for protection of stream and riparian ecosystems
  • Detritivore dynamics and facilitative interactions
  • Tiger salamander populations in the south Okanagan
  • Terrestrial invertebrates of riparian forests
  • Ecology of the lower Fraser River and its tributaries