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People - Alumni
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Carin Bondar Ontogeny and ecology of signal crayfish

Dr Bondar's web

Ph.D. 2007 - current: media personality
Shelly Boss Food limitation of cutthroat trout M.Sc. 1999 - current: Environment Canada
Jennie Christensen Amphibian Ecotoxicology M.Sc. 2002 - current: Post-doctoral fellow, U Victoria
Isabelle Deguise Movements of western toad adults M.Sc. 2007 - current: Environmental Consulting
Will Gibson Research Assistant Assistant 2006-2009 - current: Consultant
Charlotte Gjerlov Streams and forestry Post-doctoral Fellow 1999-2002 - current: Regional Ecologist, Countryside Council for Wales
Alana Hilton Effect of forestry on northwestern salamanders M.Sc. 2005 - current: Consultant
Trent Hoover Hydraulic influences on stream biological processes Ph.D. 2008 - current: Post-doctoral Fellow
Lisa Larson Biology of Coeur d'Alene salamanders M.Sc. 2009 - current: Parks Canada
Peter Kiffney Forestry impacts on basal resources in streams Research Associate 1996-1998 - current: US National Marine Fisheries Service
Renata Kolodziejczyk Effects of leaf litter diversity on streams M.Sc. 2005 - current: consultant
Suzie Lavallee Associations of Scaphinotus angusticollis biology with forestry Ph.D. 2004 - current: instructor
M. Agi Kim Mallory Density dependence in tailed frog tadpoles M.Sc. 1999 - current: Consultant
Laurie B. Marczak Cross-boundary ecosystem subsidies from streams to riparian areas Ph.D. 2007 - current: Assistant Professor, U of Montana
Brent Matsuda Tailed frogs and forestry M.Sc. 2001 - current: Consultant
Katherine Maxcy Amphibians and forestry M.Sc. 2000 - current: Consultant
Michael D. McArthur Microbial growth on stream DOC M.Sc. 1999 - current: BC Hydro
Jill Melody Forestry and stream benthos in continental BC M.Sc. 2000 - current: Consultant
Junjiro Negishi Stream restoration and physical changes for benthos M.Sc. 2001 - current: Assistant Professor, U of Hokkaido
Heidy Peterson Competition between Oregon spotted frog and red-legged frog M.Sc. 2001 - current: Scientist, Seattle Power & Light
Ed Quilty Time series modelling of environmental data Ph.D. (incompl. 2004 -) current: President, AquaticInformatics
Pamela F. Reece Stream benthos and environment M.Sc. 1998, research assistant 1998-2000 - current: Consultant
Aya Reiss Ecosystem subsidies from headwater streams M.Sc. 2007 - current: Medical School, U of Washington
Laura L. Rempel Stream benthos and environment M.Sc. 1997 - current: Research Scientist, DFO Canada
Jeff Shatford Tiger salamanders & tailed frogs Research Assistant 1997-1999 - current: Parks Canada
Al Shaw Sediment and stream benthos M.Sc. 1999 - current: Consultant
Diane Klimuk Sutherland Sediment and stream benthos Research Assistant 1998-2001 - current: BC Ministry of Environment
Shannon Turvey Congruence of diversity in different taxa, and the role of downed wood M.Sc. 2007 - current: Medical School, UBC
Sylvia Wood Toad tadpoles and effects of fine sediments M.Sc. 2007 - current: PhD student, McGill U.
Yixin Zhang Aquatic ecosystems and resource subsidies Research Associate 2007 - current: Assistant Professor, Texas State University