(604) 822-8927 (laboratory)

Mailing Address
Department of Forest Sciences
3609 - 2424 Main Mall
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4


Current Research

I have been lucky enough in Summer 2006 to join the Stream and Riparian Research Laboratory led by Pr. John Richardson who is searching for alternative bioindicators of ecological status of headwater streams altered by riparian forest management. This project also involves Pr. Eugen Rott (University of Innsbruck, Austria) who spent several months working on benthic algae of BC coastal streams. I contribute to this research by implementing leaf-decaying fungi (aquatic hyphomycetes) and leaf breakdown. Besides, I am interested in elucidating the role of stream biota in mediating the effect of forestry on stream ecosystem functioning. My current research focuses on the functional significance of algae growing on leaves and large body size invertebrates.

Research Interests

I am initially interested in freshwater ecology and stream biomonitoring, but I am keen on going beyond boundaries to explore the multiple facets of community and ecosystem ecology. My PhD was a part of a EU-funded research project so-called RivFunction which aimed at assessing the consequence of human-induced perturbation on leaf litter breakdown in small headwater streams. I addressed issues on the importance of biological diversity of riparian forest vegetation and aquatic consumers for trophic dynamics in streams. Results emerging from both empirical and experimental studies are in accordance with the notion of biodiversity governing the ecosystems' performance.


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