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Author(s) Type
IUFRO Wind and Trees 2008 Conference, Vancouver BC. (pdf 553 kb) Several Conference abstracts
Up to date publications Dr. S.J. Mitchell All types
Numerical Modelling of Wind Flow in Retention System Openings - Project Summary. May 2006. (pdf 1.06 mb) Mitchell et. al Project summary
Modelling Windthrow Risk in Coastal Variable Retention Using Tree, Neighbourhood, and Stand Attributes. May 2005. (pdf 871 kb) Robyn Scott M.Sc. thesis
Winthrow Hazard Mapping Using GIS, Canadian Forest Products TFL 30, McGregor Model Forest. September 2004. (pdf 561 kb) S.J. Mitchell and Lanquaye-Opoku, N. Technical report

Empirical Modelling of Windthrow Risk Using GIS. Mar. 2003. (pdf 2.79 mb)

Lanquaye-Opoku, N. M.Sc. thesis
Windhthrow Assessment and Management in British Columbia: Proceedings of the Windthrow Researcher's Workshop - Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2001. (pdf 2.63 mb) S.J. Mitchell and J. Rodney. Conference proceedings
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A windthrow scenario