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Principal Investigator


PhD University of Toronto

Faculty of Forestry
Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Office:     +001 604 822-9377
Lab:        +001 604 822-1969
Fax:        +001 604 822-9102
Email:      scott.hinch (at)


Andrew Lotto, Senior Research Technician

Office: +001 604 822-1969 (at)


Post-docs and Research Associates


Nolan Bett, Postdoctoral Investigator

Research interests: Factors affecting the olfactory abilities and homing behaviour of Pacific salmon during spawning migrations.


Nathan Furey, Postdoctoral Investigator

Research interests: Movement, migration, and feeding ecology of fishes across freshwater and marine landscapes


Bill Harrower, Research Associate, RP Bio

Research interests: Salmon survival and migratory behaviour in impounded rivers; human activities and climate change impact on fish and wildlife trophic interactions






Aimee Houde, Postdoctoral Investigator

Research interests: Development of salmonid gene expression biomarkers for osmoregulatory preparedness and physiological response to environmental stressors


Arthur Bass, PhD Candidate

Research interests: The impacts of fisheries stressors on pacific salmon migratory success and behavior.


Katrina Cook, PhD Candidate

Research interests: Evaluating behaviour, physiology and pathogen load as predictors of delayed mortality in Pacific Salmon in coastal waters


Allison Hebert, MSc Student

Research interests: Reproductive behaviour of deep water spawning Kokanee/Sockeye Salmon and interactions between resident and anadromous fish


Steve Johnston, MSc Student

Research interests: Early marine migration patterns and associated survival of sockeye smolts in the Discovery Islands and Johnstone Straight


Adam Kanigan, MSc Student

Research interests: Evaluating the influence of seasonally distinct resource pulses provided by smolt outmigrations on the movements and growth of bull trout


David Moulton, PhD Student

Research interests: Effects of temperature, pathogens, and fishing gear on spawning migrations of Pacific salmon


Anna Smith, MSc Student

Research interests: Understanding the effects of heavy metals on olfaction and behavioural responses of juvenile salmon to chemical alarm cues


Taylor Wale, MSc Student

Research interests: Patterns of migration and flesh deterioration of adult wild sockeye in the Babine River Watershed


Yovela Wang, MSc Student

Research interests:  The physiological impacts of infectious agents in migrating juvenile Chinook salmon

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