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Arthur Bass

PhD Student

Centre for Applied Conservation Research
3606 Forest Sciences Centre
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z4  CANADA

Office: +001 604 822-1969

Email: artiebass (at)



Thesis title: Assessing the interactions between environmental and fisheries induced stressors on Pacific salmon migrations

Research: Delayed mortality in migrating adult salmon resulting from capture and release (bycatch and escapes) in gillnets is poorly understood. Quantifying impacts to survival and behavior resulting from this fishery can better inform temporal and spatial management decisions. My research will employ radio telemetry to assess the impacts of a simulated capture and release event on adult migration. 

Select Publications:

Bass, A.L., Haugen, T.O., Vøllestad, L.A. 2013. Distribution and movement of European grayling in a subarctic lake revealed by acoustic telemetry. Ecology of Freshwater Fish (online).

Bass, AL, Giannico, G.R., Brooks, G.T. 2012. Performance of a Full-Duplex Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Antenna System in Estuarine Channels. Marine and Coastal Fisheries 4: 145 – 155.

Vøllestad, L.A., Serbezov, D., Bass, A.L., Bernatchez, L., Olsen, E.M., Taugbøl, A. 2012. Small-scale movement and population structure in stream-living brown trout inferred by mark-recapture, pedigree reconstruction and population genetic study. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 69: 1513-1524.